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Tax Return Preparation for Individuals

At Boca Raton Accounting, we pride ourselves on customer service. We also prepare tax returns and offer tax planning advice for individuals. Our affordable fees, priority in customer service combined with experience and knowledge of tax law enables us to build lasting relationships with our clients. Please call us today to find out if we can help: (561) 405-1465. This is best achieved through tax planning, and hiring a professional that has knowledge of current tax laws. Whether you’re an individual, or one of the many businesses needing a bookkeeper or comprehensive accounting and tax services, Boca Raton Accounting can accommodate your needs. We pride ourselves on helping clients make the best tax decisions for themselves and their businesses. If you are seeking tax services, professional bookkeeping services, or any other accounting help, please call our office today: (561) 405-1465.

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Tax Return Preparation & Tax Planning for Businesses

At Boca Raton Accounting, we specialize in the tax return preparation for businesses. We are a full service accounting firm providing bookkeeping, payroll and tax return preparation for business owners. Our knowledge of tax law will ensure your tax liability is reduced to the greatest extent possible. We use top rated tax preparation software to prepare all tax returns. Tax planning advice is available for business owners looking to strategically make their business decisions in order to be most advantageous from a tax standpoint. If you are currently looking to switch from another firm, we will easily transition your accounting situation to our office. At Boca Raton Accounting, we handle your tax needs from start to finish, leaving you with more time to run and grow your business like you should!

Tax Services

Bookkeeping Services

At Boca Raton Accounting, we provide excellent, local bookkeeping services for you and your business. Managing your company’s financial records is the cornerstone to exponential growth and success. Let Boca Raton Accounting develop this road-map for your company and minimize your expenses to grow your bottom line by providing you with the best professional bookkeeping services in Boca. We are a small team that will work hand in hand with you to help you accomplish all of your financial needs. Our company typically uses QuickBooks to assist business owners in tracking their expenses and income on a monthly basis. Monthly banking or credit card information can be easily downloaded from your online banking services, or a member of our team can meet with you monthly to pickup and hand deliver your financial statements.

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Why us?

At Boca Raton Accounting, we specialize in tax return preparation and bookkeeping for small to medium-sized businesses in and around Palm Beach County. Our accountants offer monthly bookkeeping services, payroll processing, sales tax returns, tax return preparation, tax advice and more at competitive prices.

We know you are too busy running your business to worry about completing your own monthly bookkeeping, payroll returns, sales tax returns and other tax related tasks. Let the professional accountants at Boca Raton Accounting handle all of your financial needs with professionalism. We have developed services that are designed around your specific business to ensure success. We deliver our completed statements with a smile!

There is no need to spend money on an in-house bookkeeper in Boca Raton and surrounding areas when Boca Raton Accounting is available throughout South Florida to get your business organized in every financial category. We will help your business find new solutions and improvements to your current financial operations. Do you want to see exponential growth and advancement like other Boca Raton businesses we have helped? Our team can assist your business in this goal through proper bookkeeping and financial planning.

There are many benefits to hiring Boca Raton Accounting for off-site assistance with all your financial needs:


  • No expensive software fees or office equipment purchases.
  • No need to pay an in-house bookkeeper overtime, paid breaks, and associated taxes/insurance. Off-site bookkeeping is a more efficient option.
  • Your business will actually SAVE money by becoming more financially organized. We will help you determine where you are able to cut costs or are spending more money than budgeted.
  • Each month, your financial reports will be hand delivered to you and explained in as much detail as necessary.
  • Our onsite Boca Raton CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is available for tax planning and year end tax return preparation.

Let our trained Accountants and CPA in Boca Raton prepare your tax returns, payroll returns, financial statements, sales tax returns, and other tax related business needs.


Our Services

We handle accounting for all types of businesses from large construction companies, retail stores, to small in-home businesses. No matter what your bookkeeping and tax needs are in South Florida, our accountants are able to help. Allow us to provide your business with essential monthly bookkeeping services in Boca Raton as well as payroll setup, sales tax return preparation, CPA services and project management. Our accounting services are geared towards business owners in Palm Beach County who do not have the extra time or training necessary to remain organized and efficient in the financial aspects of their business.

Please see our list of services, or give us a call today at (561) 405-1465 so we can answer any of your questions!


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What do others have to say about us?

When I got a letter from the IRS, I couldn't figure out what they were doing sending me a bill and a check! I didn't know what to do, so I took it to Boca Raton Accounting. When I arrived in her office, Michelle got on the phone, called the IRS and resolved the issue in a matter of minutes. Come to find out…..the IRS had made a mistake! It’s so good to have Michelle as my accountant!”......

Beth Truax -Boca Raton
From the moment I met Michelle, I was impressed by her grasp of accounting and tax principles, the clarity with which she explained complex issues and her level of organization. I have worked with masters of taxation and tax attorneys who haven’t given tax issues the kind of thoughtful attention she has. She is superb!” .....

Karen Charlie -Pompano Beach
I have had a wonderful experience working with Boca Raton Accounting. The staff has been professional and prompt to answer all questions and handle my accounting needs. I have been impressed with the systems and service. They are truly the best accounting firm I have ever used. Tax season has become an easy, predicable time of the year. Thank You Michelle, for all your help and attention to detail......

Marshall Fincher -Ft. Lauderdale
Thanks so much for all your help. The IRS has finally processed the amendments and issued refunds! ….this is the first refund I’ve received from them in 13 years. I will be referring everyone I know......

Alex Payne -Delray Beach
Last year I did my own taxes and owed money. This year I went to Michelle and she helped me get back money! I made more last year! She rocks and is on top of her game and affordable. I will never ever do my own taxes again! .....

Mike Ford -Boca Raton
As a start-up business with little knowledge and experience in managing taxes, Boca Raton Accounting was called for assistance. The service received from Michelle was educational, personal and to the point. Boca Raton Accounting did an excellent job resolving my tax issues and provided many excellent helpful options. Thanks Michelle!......

April Perry -Boca Raton