Payroll Services

How can a Payroll Service help my business?

We know that running a business is hard work, which is why your business needs payroll services. We take the headache out of having to do your own payroll.  Boca Raton Accounting provides small to medium sized businesses with a simple way to implement this type of service that is guaranteed to reduce cost, eliminate liability and save you time.

What makes Boca Raton Accounting’s services different?

When your business works with Boca Raton Accounting, you’ll get expert, one-on-one service and support from our local team. It’s a better experience that is focused on service and customized to meet your unique needs so that you can focus on what is important, which is running your business. At Boca Raton Accounting, our experts understand the needs of your organization. Right now, you’re doing payroll – or you’re using a large company that does not personally know you or your business. Take it to the next level with Boca Raton Accounting! We are a small locally owned business that cares about the well-being of you and your employees.

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What options does Boca Raton Accounting provide with their service?

Boca Raton Accounting has many payroll packages available.

Calculation of all employee amounts

Preparation and printing of checks, or direct deposit

Preparation and filing of all quarterly and annual payroll tax report forms


Preparation of employee forms W-2 and 1099-Misc, along with governmental forms 1096 and W-3 at year end